Grizzly X3 CNC Limit Switch Upgrade

After a long time, and many life changes i have finished the X and Y axis limit switch upgrade. I used honeywell limit switches and are working great so far. I have one for the Z axis but have not gotten to it yet. Project list is never ending and the days never are long enough. Here is a couple of pics. It may not be the best way, but it works great.

img 035

img 037

img 038


John Deere 317L – The Tear Down….

Finally got back to the 317. The Cub Cadet 3184 I bought come out to have way to many issues to deal with so I am going to use the Kohler CH18S engine for the 317. I also am going to try to install the power steering setup from the Cub on the 317. It seems it may be easier than using a 318 setup, we shall see in time. Here are a few pictures of my process so far.

Cub Cadet 3184 Project Update

Lots has taken place since my last entry.  I have installed the bevel gear and cleaned up the rear-end as well as did a rebuild/inspection on the pump. I have re-installed both into the tractor, and have give it a test run,  all the hydraulics work great. The pedals for FWD, REV, and the brake do not work so well,  kind of hard to move.  So I am in the process of removing those and cleaning them up. I also have fixed my electrical issues and installed a new battery.

Project – Cub Cadet 3184 Restore

I bought a cub cadet 3184 at auction a couple weeks ago.  I added a restore/project log to my webpage for anyone that wants to keep track of it.

Cub Cadet 3184 Project Log

Workshop Dehumidifier – Frigidaire, 70-Pint Capacity, FAD704TDP


Well I finally got my workshop to the point of needing a dehumidifier to keep the moisture down. It was holding around 70-80% humidity. It is now holding in the mid to low 50’s. So for a $179.99 and free shipping from I am very pleased.


Frigidaire Dehumidifier, 70-Pint Capacity, FAD704TDP

Projects are stacking up…

Well my workshop still is not done enough yet so I can bring my cnc mill into it without the risk of it rusting to death. I have my insulation done, and trying to finish painting and lighting right now. Weather just is not being my friend. After I get that done, and it cleaned up I will be purchasing a dehumidifier and that should make my shop not a huge risk for everything rusting.

Here are a couple picture of projects waiting to be done.

Belt Conversion for a Sieg X3 with Power Drawbar.

Fixture for 4 Parts that I want to produce

My Workshop Build Log #5 – Wiring & Ceiling

All electrical work is complete finally, and ceiling is done. I used 7/16″ OSB to cover the ceiling. I will be insulating the attic with R30-R38 tomorrow.

Priceless Sticker

My Workshop Build Log #4 – Shop Tour & Electrical

Ok, so it has been a while and I have not posted much. Finally finished with the wife’s shop and moving her stuff. Here is a picture of my shop inside, it is a mess right now.

On to my shop….I have completed framing my walls out, and 95% installed R-19 insulation. I have also run 110v electrical outlets all around my shop, every 4′ so I know I have one where I need.

So over the next week I hope to finish all the 11v outlets as I have ran out of conduit and of course the local Home Depot is out of stock and it is to late in the evening to get any more this weekend. Hopefully Monday I can find some at a electrical supply outlet or some where. If I get the 110v outlets done I am going to install 4 possibly 5.  Seems like I have spent a fortune in electrical supplies. Also thinking I may need to install a sub panel as when I am done with circuits I know I am going to install, my box will be full. Suggestions?

Ok, on too a quick tour of my shop and some of my tools.Chop Saw

Fans – I am in Texas, and it gets HOT!

Rolling Cart – Currently being used for electrical supplies as I install outlets.

Air Compressor – About to die I think and will be replaced with a 60 gallon unit.

New Hobart Handler 210 Mig welder with Spool Gun, seems like a great deal for what you get with this package, $899 and is only $100 more than the Handler 210 without the spool gun.

I picked up this cart from Harbor Freight for $39.99 (With Coupon) and I got the bottles from a buddy for $100, so $150 for this setup, good deal to me. I priced the Oxygen bottle and it was over $300 if I had to buy one.

Got have some music!

10″ Table Saw (And a pile of stuff) – I want to extend the table on it somehow, any suggestions?

Drill Press

Scroll Saw

Heavy Rolling Metal Table

Old Cornwell tool box, never heard of that brand, and a pile of stuff!

My Main Tool Box

Shop Vac

10″ Miter Saw

Old Montgumery Wards Tool Box

Future Work Bench, about 14′ long.

Temporary Heater until I get a Natural Gas Modine Heater.

More to come!

My Workshop Build Log #3 – Wifes Shop

Well I have wanted a nice shop of my own for a long time, always had a cramped garage and no room to really do anything. Well since I got married(Again, don’t ask!) and moved that has started to come true. Started out moving into my new wife’s house, I love where it is compared to my house. It had a old shop that was going to be mine, I was on cloud nine. Well turned out, it had termites bad. I picked up a 4x4x10 oak post, with two fingers it was so eaten up. So I spent like a year tearing it down, due to all the stuff in it(I inherited a bunch of stuff too) it was pain in the _____.  As a previous post I got me a 30x40x10 pole barn built for my shop. It got built, but the way they build them here is build the shop, and poor the concrete last. So I not knowing anything about that said fine.  Well, all was good then rainy season hit, and I could not get dirt or concrete trucks in where I could poor the slab. It was May 2010 I think before I actually had a slab. So here comes the excitement…move all the stuff from the old shop, and my wife’s stuff to my new one one so I could finish tearing down the old termite infested one. Oh boy, was i amazed, now half of my shop is full of my wife’s shop.  So this is what I came up with as a solution.

His and Her Shops!

My Shop view from the house!

My Wife’s Shop view from the house! her shop is 22′ x 37′ x 9′ as we already had a slab from the shop we tore down. It is now FULL of her stuff, and I have a trailer, and lawn equipment in it. So my shop is all for me!